What are your expectations for the new MPL Season 7 teams with initials B and active on PUBG Mobile?

This is SPINEsports’ prediction of a new team in MPL Season 7 that is said to have initials B and is active in the PUBG Mobile scene.

Siren eSports representative Siren Hoho unveiled the new MPL team during yesterday’s Aero Wolf Watt livestreaming session.

Yes, according to him, there is a new team in MPL ID Season 7, and according to Ho Ho, he bought a slot and will definitely play in MPL.

Hoho didn’t mention the name of the team, but added Initials B and Lambe Moba (MLBB’s largest community account), adding that the team is active on PUBG Mobile.

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So who do they mean? Below is SPINEsports’ forecast for a new MPL team with initials B and active in PUBGM.

Boom esports ID

New team mpl season 7

The first and only name we predict is Boom eSports ID, a history and celebrity in the Indonesian MLBB pro scene.

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The name of the team clearly has the initials of B. On top of that, the boom Esports ID is also very active on PUBG Mobile, and even PUBGM teams often dominate Tencent’s official tournaments.

In addition, Erick Herlangga, owner of Louvre eSports, added to the truth of our predictions by mentioning that Boom Esports ID is a new team of MPLs mentioned by Siren Hoho.

New team mpl season 7

The Boom Esports ID itself previously appeared frequently in MPL Indonesia from seasons 1/2 to 3, but MPL implemented a league franchise system and did not participate / purchase tournament slots.

New team mpl season 7
Photos via revivaltv

That’s because, according to Boom Esports ID owner Gary Ongko Putera, some time ago I felt my team didn’t fit into the Mobile Legends scene.

He has modified the Mobile Legends team several times and always fails with MPL, but if that’s true, he’s a new team.

Does that mean that the owner has changed his mind and is confident that he will be able to participate in Indonesia’s largest Moba gaming scene and could actually buy MPL Season 7 slots?

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