What Are The Uses Of Arctonium In The Colonicle?

As discussed in Colonicle Lore, the battle between the Pagan and Thanatos factions, represented by the players Colonicle, has its source in a unique resource found in the Colony and named Arctonium. Touted as an infinite source of energy that has very negative side effects on the Pagan faction, this thing aloneri also appears in the FPS VR game Colonicle as one of the items that can be collected. What is its use? Let’s read on to find out more.

Variety of Currency in Colonicle

In the Colonicle game, Arctonium will function as one of the currencies or resources that can be used for in-game payments. Another currency that can also be used as a means of payment in this game is Gold, which will be discussed about its use below. Then if asked, which of the two is more valuable, to answer that, if we look at the focus in the Arctonium story as a source of conflict and is a very valuable object, then with this the answer to this question is of course Arctonium is more valuable than Gold.


Arctonium itself in the Colonicle game itself is a premium resource, which, if explained more simply, is a currency equivalent to diamonds in some games, making it difficult to obtain, or in other words, requiring real life money transactions or real world money to get it. Of course, there are other ways to get it in the game, but due to its valuable status, the in-game method is related to tournament events where this exclusive currency is the prize.

How to Use Arctonium

Back to the currency in the game. As discussed above, various things can be purchased using one of the two currencies. However, due to the difference in value, the quality of the goods obtained will also be different. Let’s take an example with weapons. As discussed in Article 10 Colonicle Weapons, in addition to the General Rifle, there are 9 more weapons that can be collected to allow players to better control the battlefield. Therefore, in the collection, it is necessary to purchase using one of the currencies. However, there is the most visible difference between the two, where when someone buys a weapon using Gold, the status of the weapon is not actually owned, but rather is rented, because there is a time limit in using it.


This does not happen if you make a purchase using Arctonium, where the weapon officially belongs to the player forever. In addition, one more thing that can be purchased using it is a character skin. For this one, Arctonium is the only currency that can be used, which Gold can neither do nor do “lease”.

Purchase Price

Up to this point, of course there is a question, how expensive is Arctonium? With their latest update, Arctonium now has quite a large quantity for a relatively small price, where starting at $5, players will be able to get 50 Arctoniums, and with a top price of $30, players will be able to buy 500 for, which is of course the amount. much different from the smallest price. Moreover, considering the prices of weapons and skins are mostly equivalent to the cheapest prices, of course this deal is not a bad thing.


And that’s the Arctonium, the most important part of the Colonicle. For those of you who want to try this game, just go to this link COLONICLE, and downloads. Always remember that this game is a VR FPS, so visual VR equipment like Oculus is needed to play this game. Don’t forget to also play it in a safe area so as not to disturb other people. So how Mobidachi? Are you ready to side with one side?

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