What are the advantages of multi-job Ragnarok M: Eternal love?

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Some may wonder what the benefits of Multi-job Ragnarok M: Eternal love? Multi-job is a feature that is very helpful in making it easier for you to play.

Multi-job Ragnarok M: This eternal love enables you to switch over and over again jobso that you can try different things job on the character without having to create another character, which means you don’t have to start over just to switch job.

Well this time we are going to discuss the advantages and we are also going to discuss the conditions and disadvantages of this system. Let’s just go Listen!

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1. Conditions

Ragnarok multi-job

Of course, using this feature is not necessarily free or unlimited. There are several conditions that you must meet in order to use this feature.

The main condition is that you have to achieve job Stage 3 first. For example, if you are a trader you must first become a Whitesmith or Creator in order to be able to do this Multi-job.

You can switch immediately job by accessing the character menu in the upper left corner and clicking on tab hierarchy job on the right.

Then choose job what do you want to replace job You have to pay with 88 Big Cat Coin, after which you can switch job start all over and come back to job new by paying 10,000 Zeny.

2nd advantage

Ragnarok multi-job

The main advantages as already mentioned in the sentence above. You don’t have to do anymore Leveling or even start from scratch. You can become a character with job new with an already high level.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to search or even buy Eternal Rock to change the status attribute accordingly job the new one, because all the attributes up Skills Follow the reset or go back to the beginning.

Multi-job This is perfect for characters with upgrades Professional class Branches, like warriors who can become knights or crusaders.

If you first build Knight character focuses on attack, then you can use this function too build character tank without having to create a character from scratch.

3. Disadvantages

Ragnarok multi-job

Perhaps the hardest part is that you first need Big Cat Coin which is not small, i.e. 88 coins (equivalent to Rp. 200,000 more).

Players who have never spent a dime will never experience this feature.

Even if you don’t have to start from scratch, for job levels you still repeat from zero so you have to do it Leveling for job level.

as well as with equip which obviously has to search again in order to be used by them job That is now.

So these are the benefits, including the terms of the features Multi-job Ragnarok M: Eternal love.

In fact, this feature can make you play with different games role needed by Party-Her.

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