What are Hackers? and How to Become a Hacker?

Cybercrime (Cyber ​​Crimes) is indeed quite difficult to avoid, yes, the perpetrators are also difficult to identify.

Of the many cases of Cybercrime, hacking is one of the most frequently heard. Well, hacking itself is usually done by hackers using various methods.



Eits, but this time we will not discuss about the hacking method. Instead, we will discuss the person behind the hacking case, namely the Hackers.

What is a Hacker and how to become a Hacker? Are there any good Hackers? Calm down guys, we will discuss it in full in this article. So, take a good look!

What are Hackers?



according to Wikipedia, Hackers (Hackers) are people who study, analyze, modify, break into computers and computer networks, either for profit or motivated by challenge.

You could say Hackers are people who have the ability in the field of computers and computer networks who look for gaps in a program.

So if he finds a loophole in a program, what will he do?

It all depends on the type of hacker itself guys. Hackers are divided into several types, including the following!

Types of Hackers in the World

1. White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hackers

White Hat Hackers

White Hat Hackers is a protagonist type of hacker or a good hacker. They uphold ethical standards”Access to computer systems is not intended to harm, but to test the resilience of the system“.

So you could say this type of hacker likes to study the system, and when they find a loophole that can be breached, they will immediately report it to the program developer.

Not only reporting the existence of loopholes in a program, these White Hat Hackers also did not hesitate to help the developers of the program to close the gaps found by the White Hat Hackers earlier.

No wonder this White Hat Hacker often hired as a security consultant. Isn’t it cool guys?

2. Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers

Unlike White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers this is an antagonist character or you can say as an evil hacker.

Black Hat Hackers usually break into computer systems without the owner’s permission, then do damage such as deleting files, stealing personal data, and various other harmful activities.

If you ask what difference between hacker and Crackers? It’s actually the same. It’s just that, Crackers here are more directed to Black Hat Hackers than White Hat Hackers.

In other words Black Hat Hacker can also be called Cracker because of its nature that likes to damage or harm others.

3. Gray Hat Hacker

Gray Hat Hacker

Gray Hat Hacker

Well, this type of hacker is between White Hat Hackers and Black Hat Hackers. Because usually the Gray Hat Hacker sometimes following ethical standards, but sometimes breaking the law.

4. Script Kiddie

Script Kiddie

Script Kiddie

If you’ve ever watched a Hacker-themed Action film entitled “Who Am I”, you must be familiar with the name “Script Kiddie“.

Script Kiddie is a type of hacker who is not proficient with computer systems, but he is able to break through computer systems using software or tools made by others.

5. Hacktivist Hacker



Hacktivist Hacker is a type of hacker who uses his ability to spread certain messages (Religion, Politics, Ideology, and others). They do a website deface to display their message on the victim’s website.

Those are some types of hackers. Then what are the methods used by hackers in carrying out their actions?

Hacking Methods Often Used by Hackers

There are several methods that hackers usually use to break into the victim’s computer system. These methods include:

1. Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is one of the methods used by hackers to obtain information about the target by asking the information directly to the victim or other party who has the information.

Social Engineering concentrates itself on the weakest chain of computer network systems, namely humans. So hackers will target their victims to get the information they need.

Like other hacking methods, Social Engineering also requires preparation, in fact most of the work involves the preparation itself.

2. Distributed Denial of Service



Well, this one hacking technique is commonly known as DDoS. This technique causes the system on a network to be inaccessible.

That’s because hackers will send an unlimited number of data packets to the server that is the destination.

Servers that receive an unlimited number of packets are usually no longer able to accommodate, so the server will experience Down System and cannot be accessed.

3. Phishing



Previously, we discussed what Phishing was, right? Well, phishing itself is a fraudulent method to steal important information such as passwords or the victim’s personal data with a specific purpose.

Hackers will create a fake form on a fake website which is usually similar to the original website. When the victim fills in his data in the fake form, the hacker will get information about him.

4. Brute Force

Brute Force

Brute Force

Brute Force is a method to hack someone’s password by trying all possible password combinations on the wordlist.

Although effective at getting the right password, this method is quite time consuming.

Brute Force itself is a combination of words from English which if interpreted is “Forcing Roughly”.

Not only through manual methods, Brute Force can also use the help of a software.

5. Deface



Deface is a technique of replacing or inserting files on the server, this technique is done when hackers are able to break into the system of a website.

Deface aims to make changes to the appearance of the victim’s website with the appearance of the Defacer guys.

Hackers usually leave messages and their nicknames so that their work is known by other hackers.

Those are some of the methods most often used by hackers. Actually not only that, there are many other methods such as Keylogger, Spyware, Trojans Horse, and so forth.

How to Become a Hacker?

To become a hacker, there are many things you have to learn. You can get various lessons through self-taught or from friends and relatives who already understand this.

Some of the things you should learn include:

1. Programming Code

Programming Code

Programming Code

You have to learn a programming language, either way PHP, Javascript, C++, or other. What’s more, you also need to understand HTML and CSS to be able to master and understand the basic structure in the world of websites.

You can learn various programming languages ​​by yourself on the internet. There are even many sites that you can access to learn programming languages ​​such as W3Schools, Codepolitan, and others.

2. Computer Network

Computer network

Computer network

For a hacker, studying computer networks is also highly recommended. Studying computer networks is useful to make it easier for you to configure a network so it can smoothly change IP addresses, log into HTTPS, and many others.

3. Software



Software or software plays an important role when you are learning in the world of programming.

A hacker must know how to fix a compromised system and be able to provide solutions and be able to fix it.

In addition, by studying the contents of the software itself, you can make modifications to certain software.

Understand the commands used in Windows CMD or Terminal Linux Console is also a basic thing that must be understood by a hacker.

4. Hardware



Hardware (Hardware) should also be learned by a Hacker. For some people, being a hacker doesn’t require lessons about hardware, but in fact, it’s a big mistake guys.

By studying the hardware of the device you are using, it is hoped that if you experience problems at any time, you can overcome them.

The final word

Well, that’s a little explanation about what a hacker is. How? Do you understand about hackers? If you want to be a Hacker, be a White Hat Hacker.

Don’t be a hacker who harms other people, you don’t want to be arrested by the authorities for being caught hacking something very important?

Use the knowledge you have to be used in good terms, or it can even become your main job, which is to be someone who oversees, repairs, and maintains a company system with no small fee.

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