What about Masha in Eric Heranga’s eyes?

Louvre Esports was once one of the best Mobile Legends teams in Indonesia, and even its name is well known in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, in mid-2019, Louvre Esports owner Eric Heranga officially released the Mobile Legends roster.

The reason Eric Heranga disbanded the Louvre Esports mobile legend list despite his achievements in Indonesia and Southeast Asia was that at the time, Louvre Esports had an MPL slot that became a league franchise in Season 4. Because it wasn’t there.

In fact, in the early days of the Mobile Legends Premier League (MPL), Indonesia became a franchise league, with pros and cons, and it was Erick Herlangga who actively expressed the issue.

Source: ONE Esports

Recently, Erick Herlangga started a QnA session on her Instagram account. Eric Heranga has a lot of interesting questions about Mobile Legends. Masha In the eyes of Eric Heranga.

Masha is mostly a barbaric MLBB player during livestreaming, but in competitions it is a player needed to stimulate the enthusiasm and vision of the game, especially in hard games such as MPL, Presidents Cup and MSC. It has been with. 2 big.

But Papi Masha’s handle must also be special, and her name is also a star, so it has to be treated specially. If I have a frame, Masha has to play … In the past we only lost to ONIC in big tournaments, one of which is fair. Eric Heranga said in an Instagram story:

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Source: Instagram Eric Herlanga

The Louvre Esports was certainly a strong team at the time, with a runner-up in the MPL ID Season 3, Presidents Cup and MSC 2022, and one of the Louvre’s key players was Masha. Remember to stay on our website to get the latest eSports news.

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