What a shame! League of Legends Threatened to be Sued by This Beautiful Girl

Irelia's character in the League of Legends teaser (left) and also Aya Shalkar (right)

League of Legends – Instagram / aya_shalkar

Irelia’s character in the League of Legends teaser (left) and also Aya Shalkar (right)

GridGames.ID – One of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games made by Riot Games, League of Legends has just released a 3-minute 28-second teaser for the 2022 season last Monday (21/1).

The teaser, which has been watched by more than millions of people so far, has also received a lot of positive responses from fans, some of whom even asked League of Legends to be brought to the big screen.

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However, behind the many positive responses received regarding the latest League of Legends teaser, Riot Games as the developer is currently also under threat of being sued by a model named Aya Shalkar.


Well, how come? This can not be separated from the character of Irelia in the teaser, which if you pay attention to it has many similarities with the face of Aya Shalkar.

“I’ve received hundreds of screenshots related to the character Irelia from LoL players who asked if I worked with the creators of the game. And the answer was I’ve never worked with them,” explained Aya Shalkar through her Instagram account.

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Due to the resemblance, Shalkar also explained that in the last few days he was often called Irelia on Instagram, which then made mixed feelings.

Duh, I hope something like this doesn’t happen again, okay!

If you’re really inspired, just make them the brand ambassadors, right?


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