Well, here it is, if Netflix has Bandersnatch, Indonesia has TADOtv

It’s true, mobileague friends, If Netflix has only made interactive films a few times, it turns out that there is an application made in Indonesia that has made all of its films interactive. Currently the TADO tv application is available on the Play Store and App Store.

All kinds of movies and their families are available on TADOtv from genre Comedy, romantic drama and of course horror. Viewers will be presented with a list of movies that can be enjoyed on the first page of the application. Each film comes with a storyline that the audience can choose for themselves as they wish. Just like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch at certain minutes there will be two options to continue the next episode. The selection of the continuation of the story makes the audience will try several times because they are definitely curious about the other storylines.

What’s interesting about TADOtv is the vertical selection of videos for each content. This clearly makes it easier for the audience because there is no need to tilt the phone to enjoy each story. The TADOtv production team certainly had to put in extra effort to produce such a vertical video.

In addition to the convenience of vertical viewing, the TADOtv team also thought of a small thing with big meaning, namely the use of subtitles. TADOtv thinks that the film is not only consumed by audiences with normal hearing. But also maybe those who are deaf. With the subtitles, viewers can still enjoy TADOtv even when the cellphone is on silent. However, it is highly recommended to increase the volume or use a headset, especially when watching the horror category.

TADOtv just launched in mid May. Reportedly later there will be a feature film that will be done by a reliable director and big screen artist like a movie theater. It will be an interesting thing to look forward to.

To try watching TADOtv, you can visit the following link https://tadotv.com/watch/dd4CP5 and to watch all existing films, you can download the TADOtv application on Android at the following link http://bit.ly/DLTADOtv

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