Welcoming Easter Holidays, Pokemon Go Returns to Present Eggstravaganza Event

Pokemon Go - Eggstravaganza


Pokemon Go – Eggstravaganza

GridGames.ID – Pokemon Go again presents the “Eggstravaganza” event in the game which has been presented for three years in a row, starting on May 16th.

Pokemon like Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby will all hatch from 2 KM eggs, and the game shows that the egg pool, which can determine which Pokemon hatch from which type of egg, will be reshuffled.

Reporting from the Comicbook page, players will later get twice as many Candy as hatched eggs and the Candy is useful for helping players strengthen their newly hatched Pokemon.

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Lucky Eggs will also last twice as long, so players can earn extra XP as they play.

Eggstravaganza is also present in celebration of the Easter holiday, it would make sense if there was a Rabbit Pokemon or the first rabbit Pokemon presented in the game.

In addition, Pokemon Go also announced that Buneary will add Shiny to the game, where if players are lucky, players will find Shiny from Rabbit Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon have alternate colors than their normal parts and are usually very rare. Shiny Buneary has pink fur, making it one of the cutest Shiny Pokemon in the game.


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