Welcome to the 2022 Battle Master Rewards Participants

Amount influencer and also pro player from some big teams esports held a closed meeting before entering the month of Ramadan. This event is a friendly event for the participants of the 2022 Imbalance Battle Master tournament before Ramadan.

This meeting was held in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, Jakarta, on Friday (1/4/2022). In addition, this event is also at the same time the distribution of trophies for the winners of the tournament.


Imba Tournament Organizer Captain Lion said the tournament was an honor because there were several differences from other tournaments. Lion admits that there are still limits, but they are not too binding. He also congratulated the winners of this tournament.

“From the start like this, we are not limited by many sponsors from the start, from our sponsors we have to maintain important norms, just be yourself, a real example. caster That’s Koh Lius. So, I mix there is Erick, WS, and also Koh Lius, in the spring there is also Awl, so someone brought it in game-there is someone who brings the fun,” he said.

One of caster In the tournament, Ericko Lim together with Winson Reynaldi (WS) also took part in this tournament. After the vacuum becomes casterEricko showed herself on stage caster return.

imbalance battle master 2022

So, what made him want to jump into a caster? On that occasion, Game Spot tried to confirm this. Ericko admitted that since 2022 he wanted to return to the stage caster, just haven’t had the chance. But in this tournament, he was given the trust to contribute to tournament events ladies this.

“Previously, I’ve been wanting to enter the world since 2022, right? casters. So caster that’s right passion me, because it doesn’t exist yet opportunity to go there in style casting I, maybe not logged in official because it’s more quirky. But yes it’s possible style I got my stage at Imba opportunity for all out don’t,” he said.

Ericko also admitted that he was nervous on the first day, it’s just that he was getting used to it the next day. “At first, it was like I was still nervous, I missed it updates and all sorts of things. Only after that, the first day was stiff and the second day it started to fall off again, it started to feel like a feeling of ‘wow, it’s okay to jump on stage again caster professional’,” he explained.

A caster Awl women also said that the first time she became a caster in a tournament that few such rules.

“It’s just fun, lots of laughs, lots of silly things, this is the first time I’m doing this caster informal, people can change caster without break like Ericko Lim and Winson did,” said Awl.

imbalance battle master 2022

and . team talent manager EVOS Fikri said that the victory in this tournament can be a turning point for the rise of EVOS Lynx. “Hopefully this can be a turning point for EVOS Lynx to win again, thank you for that support-for EVOS,” he said.

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