Watch Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub, Here's How!

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JSMedia – Many people are waiting for arrival Antares WeTV as web series. Do you know that this Web Series is famous among young people because it is based on a story in the Wattpad Rweinda’s work. The cast of the Antares Web Series are Angga Yunanda and Cut Beby Tsabina. Directed by MD Entertainment and airing on July 20, 2022.

Synopsis Film Antares WeTV Full Episode Eng Sub

Synopsis Film Antares WeTV Full Episode Eng Sub

The Antares film is the latest web series to be broadcast on WeTV and Iflix. The film Antares is adapted from a Wattpad novel of the same name.

The film Antares has a storyline of teenagers who have motorcycle gangs in which conflicts, kinship, romance and one of the sacrifices between friends occur.

The main character of the Antares film is Zea. Zea is a cute and beautiful girl still in high school. However, for some reason Zea moved to Derlangga High School. After a school transfer, Zea met her new friend. Zea then befriends a motorcycle gang leader named Ares.

Main Actor Film Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

Main Actor Film Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

In the film Antares, there are main actors who make this film more exciting and challenging, especially when it is played with young teenagers. Anyone who sees this actor perform will certainly make the eyes stunned, especially for teenagers. The following are the main actors of the Antare WeTv Full Episode Movie:

Beby Tsabina as Zea

Beby Tsabina as Zea

Beby Tsabina has the real name Cut Putri Tsabina who was born in Banda Aceh and was born October 27, 2002. In addition to being an actor, Cut Putri Tsabina works as a model and singer.

In the Antares film, Beby Tsabina plays Zea who has a beautiful face. Due to an incident that caused an accident, Zea finally moved to Derlangga school to find out the truth about what happened to her relatives.

Angga Yunanda as Ares

Angga Yunanda as Ares

Angga Yunanda first entered the entertainment world as a model. Sekami here plays many soap operas, one of which is entitled Malu-Malu Kucing.

Angga Yunanda as Ares in the film Antares. Ares is one of the leaders of a motorcycle gang who has a very large influence in his group.

Detail Information of Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

Detail Information of Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

A very important part in a film is not only the actors but the many people involved in the production of the film. Here are the Details of Antares WeTV Film Full Episode Indo Sub:

Title Antares TV Series (2021)
Genre Action, Drama
Release 30 July 2022
Director Rizal Mantovani
Production Manoj Punjaby

The Cast of Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

Actors in the film Antares have very character roles. Find out some of the actors in the Antares film, along with the cast list:

Player name Act as
Beby Tsabina Zea
Angga Yunanda Ares
Isaiah Abraham Megan
Rafael Adwel Warriors
Maudy Effosina Karissa
Gabriella Ekaputri Selina
Irzan Faiq Aiden
Prince Loud Ardan
Axel Matthew Thomas Lionel

How to Watch Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

How to Watch Antares WeTV Full Episode Indo Sub

Antares film can be watched via streaming platform WeTV. Need to know that WeTV as streaming platform legal which shows a lot of original series, such as Antares. Can also through website pirated and Telegram. Indeed, the phenomenon of watching via pirated and Telegram is increasingly widespread.

Therefore, it is not recommended to watch Antares on website pirated movies and Telegram. Make sure to support the Indonesian film industry by watching Antares on platform official, like WeTV.

Antares WeTV original as one of the favorite stories as outlined in the series. Brought to you by MD Entertainment and WeTV for generations on line present time. The Antares film series, directed by Rizal Mantovani, has no doubt about its performance and results.

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Watch Antares WeTV Movies For Free

Surely you can’t wait to watch Antares movies for free. Let’s just click below to find out more about the storyline of this film Antares Full Episode.

Watch Antares Movies on WeTV

Every Thursday and Friday, at 18.00 WIB you can watch the show Antares WeTV for free or paid. If you want to use VIP WeTV by watching this 3 part movie early. WeTV free users have to wait patiently to be able to watch that part.

Not the patient type to wait, of course you can subscribe to VIP WeTV by paying Rp 15.000,00/month. You can also spend Rp. 35,000/6 months. Well, to watch Antares on WeTV it’s really easy via the link:


How To Get Free WeTV VIP To Watch Antares Movies

If you want to watch for free on WeTV, then you can take advantage of VIP. However, to be able to get WeTV VIP for free, you have to go through several ways. So, don’t hesitate to try the following ways to get WeTV VIP:

  1. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download WeTV on and install WeTV
  2. Next, open the WeTV app
  3. then tap the Login or Register with Mobile menu. Please register to create a new WeTV account.
  4. If you have successfully created an account and logged in. Then select the My menu in the lower right corner. Select the profile icon at the top left of the screen to enter the WeTV profile.
  5. If you have successfully entered, on this page there will be information on how to fill in the form for 3 days free VIP. Please select and fill in all the requested data. If you feel you have filled everything correctly and completely, then click send
  6. 3 days free WeTV VIP claim process by completing verification. Then, enter the phone number and click send code. If you have got the code on your cellphone, then enter the code for verification once again.

Watch Antares Movies on Telegram

Telegram platform as a repository of various series and pirated movies for free. Including Antares which can be watched by joining the channel or group that provides the Antares 2022 movie link.

  • Here is the Antares Telegram link

Press the button to join the group. It would be nice if watching via Telegram is avoided because it is illegal.

That’s how to watch movies Antares WeTV which can also be done via Telegram. There are so many interesting latest indo films to watch such as A Perfect Fit, the best netflix dropout. It is better to choose a legal website and avoid pirated websites as well as Telegram. That way, they will play a role in efforts to improve Indonesian cinema.

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