Want to Transfer Partner Credit to Indonesia? Follow the following method

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JSMedia – Partner credit transfer to Indonesia now can be done easily, even if the delivery is done between countries. One of them is by using the Partner platform. Partner is a starter pack service platform that is intended for the color of the country that is currently in Hong Kong.

This platform is very useful for those of you who are on vacation or working with the status of TKI (Indonesian Workers) in Hong Kong. You can send SMS or communicate by phone at a much cheaper cost than other starter packs.

In addition to SMS and telephone calls, Partners also provide services in the form of credit transfers to Indonesia. Then how do I transfer my partner’s credit to Indonesia? How to convert the value of money between these countries? Here’s the full explanation.

How to Transfer Partner Credit to Indonesia

How to Send Partner Credit to Indonesia

There are still many who think that transferring credit from different countries is expensive. Especially if the country is far away, such as from Hong Kong to Indonesia. Because of that, many think that the process of transferring credit between countries is very difficult to do.

Even though it’s quite easy. For those of you who are in another country and want to transfer credit, you can take advantage of Partner services. This service is very helpful for Indonesian citizens who are abroad, especially Hong Kong.

You also don’t need to be confused about how. Here’s a practical way to transfer partner credit to Indonesia.

  1. open call app on your HP.
  2. Type *142#.
  3. After that, you will be asked destination number that you want to send credit. You can choose the number directly in the contact.
  4. If the number is not in the contacts, you must register the new number by selecting the new mobile number menu.
  5. Select menu send to start the credit transfer process.
  6. When it’s done, there will be two menus that appears, namely the Mobile menu or Indosat Indonesia and the Utilities menu or PLN Indonesia.
  7. Because the goal is to send credit, you can choose mobile menu or Indosat Indonesia.
  8. After that, select send button.
  9. insert pulse nominal that you want to send.
  10. Then select send
  11. If a notification appears saying: Do you agree with this credit transfer?, then click number 1 to agree.
  12. The credit transfer process will be processed automatically.
  13. Wait a few moments until the transfer process is successful.
  14. After the process is successful, you will get notification message which notifies that the credit transfer process has been successful. This method of transferring partner credit has been completed.

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How to Calculate Partner Credit Transfer to Indonesia

How to Calculate Partner Credit Transfer to Indonesia

Some of you may still be worried if the credit transfer nominal will be different after it is received, given the currency difference. Therefore, refer to the following explanation of the transfer calculation so that you can calculate the conversion before transferring Partners to Indonesia.

  • Credit Rp. 10,000 equals 10 HKD
  • Credit Rp. 20,000 equals 19 HKD
  • Credit Rp. 25,000 equals 23 HKD
  • Credit Rp. 50,000 equals 43 HKD
  • Credit Rp. 100,000 equals 85 HKD

After seeing the pulse conversion calculation, you must have imagined how much Hong Kong money you have to prepare before making the transfer. This is done so that there is no misunderstanding when the amount transferred does not match the amount received.

Now you can easily share credit even if you are in a neighboring country. With the transfer of Partners to Indonesia above, the transfer process will be faster, easier, and safer. The amount of credit you want to transfer can also be adjusted easily. Good luck!

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