Want to Know What are the Functions of Buildings in Mobile Royale? Check Here

Mobile Royale Building Functions

In the Mobile Royal game, building an empire is one of the main elements. We also need to understand the function of the buildings that complement each other. The following are the functions of the mobile royale building that you must know.

Mobile Royale Basic Guide
Mobile Royale Building Functions
Building Information
Lumber Mill A place to produce and store Timber. Upgrade to increase the amount of Wood you can save.
Quarry A place to produce and store Stones. Upgrade to increase the number of Stones you can store.
Farm A place to produce and store Food. Upgrade to increase the amount of Food you can store
Manor A place to produce and store Gold. Upgrade to increase the amount of Gold you can save
Barracks Barracks lets you train different types of soldiers. Upgrade to increase the number of soldiers you can train at once.
Infirmary Hospital lets you heal wounded soldiers. Also increases the number of wounded soldiers you can hold. Hospitals don’t heal Reserve Troops.
Castle Castle is the core of your kingdom. Level up to unlock new buildings and features, as well as increase your Help Limit, Brigade Limit, and Max Army Size.
Vault The Vault protects your resources from enemies. Upgrade to increase the number of protected resources..
Sage Tower Sage Tower lets you research various technologies that are beneficial to the growth of your city. Upgrade to increase research speed and unlock new technologies.
Battle Hall The Battle Hall lets you start or join assemblies. The Alliance Army leader’s Battle Hall level determines the size of the Alliance Army. (Soldiers in the Army Alliance take the stats of the Alliance Army leader, not the stats of the player who owns the army.)
Castle Walls Walls that protect your city from enemy attacks and provide defense bonuses to your troops
Watchtower The Watchtower notifies you and provides intel reports when enemy troops, Scouts, Supplies, and Reserve troops enter your City or Camp. Upgrade to increase the amount and type of intel you receive.
Embassy Embassies lets you hold off Reserve troops. Upgrade to increase the number of Reserve troops you can hold. Maintenance for Reserve troops will be paid for by the owner.
Smithy Smithy lets you forge tools and combine materials. Upgrade to increase forging speed.
Atelier Atelier lets you save Crystals to produce more Crystals over a period of time. Upgrade to increase Deposit and Max Crystal Interest.
Supply Post Supply Supply allows you and your fellow Guild members to send resources to each other. Upgrade to increase the number of resources you can ship and reduce your supply tax.
Prison Prison Enemy prison leader with Lv 10+ Castle.
You need Lv 17 Castle to execute leaders with Lv 17+ Castle. The terms of the prison depend on the Leader Level. Prison Upgrades to reduce Prison requirements. The Lv 25 dungeon gives a bonus when you capture the enemy leader.
Altar Altar allows you to execute captured enemy leaders for buff blessings. The buff strength is based on your Altar level. Executing the enemy leader gives you a blessing buff for 24 hours. Subsequent executions extend the buff by another 24 hours.
Sanctuary Send your troops and leaders to the Sanctuary to protect them from attacks. When your Castle is attacked, the troops in the Sanctuary cannot be attacked.
Chapel The Guardian Dragon in the Chapel helps protect your City. Unlock new features to enhance offensive and defensive abilities.
Airship Dock The Airship Dock allows you to use Airships to carry out trading activities. Upgrades to increase the production speed of Trade products.
Training Grounds You can see all your troops in the Training Ground.
Arcane Sanctum Arcane Sanctum provides magical boosts for Monster Hunts, and saves ancient Ruins. Level up to get more powerful effects.

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Want to Know What are the Functions of Buildings in Mobile Royale?  Check Here
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