Want to have a girlfriend but confused about PDKT? Try These 5 Single Games First

  These 5 Toturial Games can help you make PDKT with your crush.

These 5 Toturial Games can help you make PDKT with your crush.

GridGames.ID – PDKT is a phase that is quite difficult to get to the dating phase.

But don’t worry because some developer this game makes special games for those of you who want PDKT.

Not only that, you can also get fun from interesting stories in this game.

Here are four games on mobile that can help you PDKT to crush and you must try:

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1. Episodes

Episodes: Choose Your Story


Episodes: Choose Your Story

This episode was created by Interactive Episodes it contains many stories with various genres ranging from romance, drama, action, comedy, to horror.

Of course, through this game, you can take the story messages you get as well as tips to get close to your crush.

To be able to read one episode in a story, you must use a ticket to open it.

This is what will make you more curious to read the stories in this simulation game.

2. My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – Restaurant Game

My Cafe: Recipes &  Stories


My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

This MyCafe game doesn’t just set up a cafe, you know, the game has a story that is no less interesting.

You will be the character who owns this cafe and you have to listen to the complaints of your visitors’ lives.

Well, each player has their own story and you can follow the tips from their story.

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3. Hard code for boys from girls

Hard code games for boys from Girls

Hard code games for boys from Girls

This game made by Digital Artha is a Trivia game that contains girls’ hard codes for boys.

Hard Codes For Guys From Girls This game is also the right one to find the code of the girl you are approaching.

This game contains a choice of answers that you have to choose and later you will get a total score that shows you already understand your crush.

4. Jones: Singles is Happiness

Jones: Singles is Happiness

Jones: Singles is Happiness

This game made by Niji Games is specially made for singles who are close to dating because it contains answer choices with interesting stories in high school.

Jones: Singles is Happiness, of course, provides tips for those of you who want to be successful in getting close to your crush.

Unfortunately, this game costs Rp. 9,000, – on the Google Play Store, but very useful for those of you who are single.


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