Want to Buy Items on Free Fire Using Installments? Can! Here’s How

Buy Free Fire items in installments

Garena Free Fire

Buy Free Fire items in installments

GridGames.ID – Playing online games is identical to in-game items that can be obtained for free or paid.

Usually free items look less attractive, so players choose to spend money to buy more interesting in-game items.

The Free Fire game is no exception, which now includes the purchase of several items in the game that can be paid in installments. Goks!

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There are three items that can be purchased using installments, namely the character Laura, Pet Panther and Car Skin Star General.

You can buy these three items using installments where you have to pay attention to the amount of down payment and the number of weekly installments that must be paid, because each item has a different amount.

This installment lasts for three weeks and the buyer is required to pay a down payment to make the installments.

After the down payment is paid, the buyer will be given an item according to a 7 day trial purchase until the next installment payment.

Permanent items will be sent after payment has been made.

If the buyer is in arrears or does not pay when it is due, then the installment is canceled and the buyer must repeat the installment from the beginning.

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