Want to be a GG Tank in Mobile Legends? This is Belerick’s sickest item build

Belerick Mobile Legends

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Belerick Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Belerick is a hero role tank that has been nurtured from small to large with Magic Pollen through a weekly event for 7 days, and when it is big we can get it as a free hero from Mobile Legends Bang Bang at an event some time ago.

This hero who blends with nature is very helpful if your team is caught in a war that is suddenly presented by the enemy, because his skills function as a sucker and absorb the opponent’s damage for himself.

Belerick’s ultimate hero skill, Nature’s Shield, is an area that can recover 10% of his HP and can divert damage received by surrounding team heroes for himself.

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To be more confident using this Belerick, let’s look at the recommended build items from GridGames to make Belerick more tanky again!

1. Boots Wizard
Belerick is a tank who has to protect his teammates, therefore Belerick needs roaming to any lane that requires him.
With these shoes, Belerick can increase his movement speed by 40.
In addition to movement speed, these shoes also add 300 HP to Belerick to make it thicker.

2. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
This item also adds an HP of 1000 you know, guys.
In addition, Belerick also gets an additional 15% Physical Attack and 10% Cooldown Reduction.

3. Cursed Helmet
Hero tanks seem obliged to buy this item, because apart from being able to add 920 HP, this item also adds 50 Magic RES.

4. Sky Guardian Helmet
Well, this item is the item that gives the most HP, which is 1550.
In addition to HP, Belerick also gets 100 HP Regen which can make Belerick able to survive longer.

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5. Oracle
It is certain that every tank item has an additional HP, such as Oracle which also adds 850 HP.
In addition to HP, this item also provides 36 Magic RES and 10% Cooldown Reduction.

6. Blade Armor
Eits, don’t just buy HP, a tank also needs armor to survive on the battlefield.
This item can add 90 armor and uniquely if attacked by an opponent who has a basic attack, the opponent actually receives physical damage of 25% of the opponent’s physical attack.

Well, those are the recommended items from GridGames for those of you who like to use tank hero roles to be more confident in advancing if your opponent has codes for war.

Good luck!


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