Want Free Big Cat Coin? Let’s Play Hide & Seek with Unipin at Ragnarok M

Free Big Cat Coin from UniPin Hide & Seek event!

This time, UniPin made an in-game event, namely Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, entitled “Hide & Seek”. In this event, UniPin Friends must find the GM UniPin who is hiding using Transform Hero, to get UniPin Credits that can be used to buy Big Cat Coin or Zeny.

Now this event will take place on May 11, 2022 on Channel ID 22 at 14.00 WIB

The prizes you can get are a total of 800,000 UniPin Credits
1st Place: 400,000 UniPin Credits,
2nd Place: 250,000 UniPin Credits,
3rd Place: 150,000 UniPin Credits,

Here’s how to get Free Big Cat Coin

  • Players must guess and look for the committee with the instructions given the first time.
  • Players must find a committee that uses (transform heroes) according to the description provided.
  • Use the hint contained in this post to find the location of committee 1 (first)
  • After the player finds the committee 1, the player must send a message / personal message to the committee 1 to get the code and hint for the next committee location.
  • After the player finds committee 2, the player must send a message / personal message to committee 2 by providing the code obtained from committee 1 to get the next code and hint.
  • After the player finds committee 3, the player arranges the codes obtained from committee 1 and 2 into one sentence to be given to committee 3.
  • The player will be declared the winner if the player provides a code that has been compiled into one sentence to the 3 (third) committee and three winners will be selected who send the fastest personal message / message.

UniPin Hide & Seek Event Rules are as follows:

  • – There is no level limit.
  • – Players are allowed to use any Job or any role.
  • – Players are allowed to use the Blessing buff to speed up movespeed or use flywing when searching for hiding committees using transforms.
  • – Players are allowed to use equipment that has +movespeed status.
  • – Players are considered disqualified if they are unable to answer or remember the code given.
  • – The fastest player who sends a message/personal message to the committee – the committee, the player will be the first to respond to be given a code and hint to find the next committee hiding.
  • – Questions from players will not be answered if they do not mention the code first.
  • – If there are players who spam skills such as (stormgust, santuary and other skill areas that can make the committee invisible or lag) they will be immediately disqualified.
  • If there are things that are lacking and there are questions you can ask in the comment column of this post.

First hint

  • It’s weird (freak)
  • brown
  • using a knife
  • is near Geffen

CODE: to be remembered and given to the committees
HINT: given to find the location of the committee that is hiding

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