Want a Free Kadita Skin? Take part in the Kadita Mobile Legends Train Photo Contest

Kadita Mobile Legends is here on Commuter Line

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Kadita Mobile Legends is here on Commuter Line

GridGames.ID – Since last September, Kadita has been announced as the newest Mobile Legends hero from Indonesia.

And right on this day, December 18 2022, Kadita is officially present on the Original Server of Mobile Legends.

Along with Kadita’s release day, Moonton Indonesia invites you Mobile Legends fans to take part in a photo contest.

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How to enter the Kadita photo contest is very easy, you know.

You just need to upload a photo with Kadita on the Kadita-themed train, which is on Commuter Line Indonesia from 18 December 2022.

Then upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #HadirnyaSangRatu and don’t forget to tag it on the official Mobile Legends Instagram, namely @realmobilelegends.

Contest registration will close on May 14, 2022 at 23:59 WIB.

“According to legend, Kadita is known as the ruler of the South Sea, with the power to control the weather, cause storms and tsunamis when she wants. Kadita uses 7 legendary spears, and only she can summon all seven at once,” said Wira Sontana, Operations Manager for Moonton Indonesia.

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“We will also hold various activities to celebrate the arrival of Kadita, Queen of the South Seas.”

Well, this photo contest is one of Moonton’s ways as a Mobile Legends game developer to celebrate Kadita’s arrival.

For 30 lucky winners, they will be announced on May 18, 2022 and get a Hero kadita prize and a Kadita skin.

For more information, you can look at the official Mobile Legends Instagram account, namely @realmobilelegendsid.


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