Wactor Production Affiliated VTuber Fan Audience Concerns, Who Teamed Up With Bilibili For Their 5 Character VTuber Audition

Wactor Production is a VTuber Agency known to have a Latin American audience base, opening auditions for new VTuber talents, in collaboration with China’s largest media sharing platform, Bilibili.

The Vtuber Wactor Production Agency is a VTuber Agency from Japan which has a different audience portion than other VTuber agencies. Besides having an audience from Japan, the talents of VTuber Wactor Production managed to get the attention of audiences from Latin America. As a result, because they have a foreign target audience with the third largest number of language population, they adjust their marketing strategy to embrace that audience, to take advantage of an audience that is not so targeted by other large VTuber Agencies. As a result, they started making promotional videos and content that embraced Latin American speakers, such as making advertisements with Latin American subtitles. You could say, Wactor Production is currently a Japanese VTuber agency that monopolizes the Latin American audience market.

Feeling it was time to add to their VTuber talent roster, the VTuber Wactor Production Agency opened their VTuber talent audition. Uniquely, this audition is the first audition to have an official collaboration with the largest video sharing platform in China, Bilibili. Latin American-speaking fans are happy to hear the news, but those who still remember the drama that took place between Hololive and Bilibili’s side, are worried about potential VTuber talents who want to register for auditions that have involvement with Bilibili.

Audition promotion video with bilibili

Hololive and Bilibili dramas that led to the disbandment of HoloCN

For those who don’t know, Hololive decided to leave the Chinese market due to a regional name blunder that angered the Chinese audience who demanded that the talent Kiryu Coco be fired from Hololive for “hurting the feelings of the Chinese people” who recognized the “One China” policy.

Even though the claim seems forced because the mention of the area is a statistical presentation of the country’s viewers of the Kiryu Coco channel. This has succeeded in destroying the majority of cooperation opportunities between Hololive in mainland China due to the boycott and mass bullying of their talents, which is still ongoing today.

After being pressured between retaining Kiryu Coco’s talent or being boycotted to leave the Chinese market, Hololive decided to close HoloCN and graduate all talent related to financial reasons. More details about the graduation of HoloCN VTuber talents can be read in this article:

Worries of the outside audience by the collaboration of Wactor Production’s talent auditions supported by Bilibili

SS comments responding to the vtuber wactor production audition in collaboration with bilibili
Hate speech External Audience who knows Bilibili’s involvement

Outside audiences who are aware of the Hololive drama, think that the VTuber market in Mainland China is very risky even though it has a market with the largest audience in the world. They are worried because the VTuber audience from China is known to be merciless when sensitive things offend them and act excessively.

Some of the audience also expressed their hatred for this collaboration. They appealed and hoped that no potential talent would register for the audition in which Bilibili was involved.

But even so, it seems that the majority of Latin American Audiences are not too worried about the collaboration. They supported that the audition went smoothly and the talents of VTuber Wactor Production got new colleagues. As for those who know the drama that made Hololive leave the Chinese market, they still provide support with suggestions to be more careful to repeat the same tragedy again.

Is Cooperation with Bilibili a contract for talent to broadcast exclusively in Bilibili?

According to the official Wactor Production website page, Japanese VTuber talents have two broadcasting platforms, namely YouTube and Bilibili, while talents from China only have Bilibili broadcasting platforms. And based on the explanation of the audition promotion video on the Miu Hizuki channel, it can be concluded that the selected graduating talents will have the opportunity to broadcast on the Bilibili platform, which means that there is no claim of exclusivity and must only broadcast on Bilibili. It could be that their broadcasts are only Mirrored from YouTube to Bilibili as was commonly done by Hololive talents before the termination of their partnership with Bilibili. So the next concern is how to keep yourself from making blunders that offend the Chinese audience.

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