VTuber, YouTuber With Virtual Persona

Not so different from most YouTubers, only their appearance is in the form of animated character avatars with human voice or synthetic voice

For Mobidachi who are not familiar with Virtual YouTubers or VTubers, they are YouTubers who appear to entertain their viewers through content presented in the form of video clips or live broadcasts. In contrast to YouTubers in general, they appear using the technology of animated characters/avatars with human voices or synthetic voices.

Well, for Mobidachi who already know the term VTuber… and have probably been in this “rabbit hole for a long time”, welcome to our new segment which will cover exciting news about VTuber both local and long distance and this article is an opening for those who haven’t. know and are curious about the presence and popularity of Virtual Youtuber.

Who popularized the term VTuber?

r/VirtualYoutubers - Virtual Youtuber Parade~♪ (by )
At the forefront of carrying the flag, Kizuna Ai who popularized the term Virtual Youtuber.
(From left to right) Kizuna Ai, Kaguya Luna, Nekomasu Noja Loli, Siro, Mirai Akari

Although the creators who appear in the form of animation on YouTube are no strangers, Kizuna Ai was the first to popularize the term Virtual YouTuber to the world audience. Kizuna Ai himself popularized the term Virtual YouTuber through greetings in each of his video content. This makes him different from other content creators who appear in animated form because they have never labeled themselves as Virtual YouTubers.

Kizuna Ai himself is a Virtual YouTuber from Japan who is also the number one Virtual YouTuber in the world with a total of 4.3 million subscribers, which is a combination of his two channels (AIChannel and AIGames) and now has his own company called Kizuna Ai Corp. the task of this company is to facilitate Kizuna Ai and bridge business opportunities such as business cooperation, endorsements, collaborations with VTubers and so on.

Kizuna Ai himself was noticed by the number one indie YouTuber in the world, Pewdiepie when he made a cover of Hej Monika’s song.

Kizuna Ai was noticed by Pewdiepie during a meme review

The existence and popularity of Kizuna Ai then spread the term Virtual YouTuber and gave birth to many VTubers, both independent and corporate, who saw the opportunity behind Kizuna Ai’s popularity.

Contents presented by VTuber

Even though it is in the form of an animated avatar that is controlled by a voice actor or a synthetic voice behind the avatar. The content they present is quite general like the content of creators in general and aims to entertain the audience who comes to watch their content. Their content ranges from clips of mastery playing Battle Royale games like PUBG,

VTuber cat who is good at FPS Nekomiya Hinata

Presenting live karaoke broadcasts or publishing song covers.

VTuber Tokoyami Towa from Hololive cover song Error

or simply presenting free-talking content, talking to his fans via live broadcasts… with content that may be quite wild.

Natsuiro Matsuri, talk freely about karaoke content about hansaplast and… bra

Collaborate to play casual games with VTuber colleagues and many other interesting content.

Fan drama clip, Vtuber members from Hololive play Uno together but can only answer like a monkey.

With the engaging content and diverse personality of VTuber itself, the viewers feel at home and become their fans even though some of their content is blocked by language barriers for viewers from abroad, which makes some overseas fans volunteer to become translation clippers, helping fans outsiders understand more deeply the content presented by their favorite VTuber.

All of the clips above are Japanese VTubers, are there any VTubers outside of Indonesia?

After starting to exist in 2022, the popularity of the term VTuber itself has now peaked high in 2022 at this time. With the demographics of VTuber fans extending beyond national borders, of course, many other fans are now debuting as VTubers themselves in their respective countries bringing their language.

With the enthusiasm of Indonesia’s own large fans, VTuber began to grow and develop in Indonesia, such as the famous independent VTuber Indonesia, Evelyn who was interviewed by IDN Times

Alia Adelia with her brother Andi Adinata who is a VTuber with the highest number of subscribers (more than 200,000 subscribers) from the Maha5 agency (Read Mahapanca)

VTuber brother of Alia Adelia and Andi Adinata and covered the song ‘Kimi no Toriko’

As well as VTuber from outside agencies that open branches in Indonesia such as Hololive ID.

Trio HoloLive ID cover song Ochame Kinou
(from left to right) Ayunda Risu, Moona Hoshinova, Airani Iofifteen

And Nijisanji ID, which has now published 3 generations of VTubers in its agency.

First generation trio, Nijisanji ID Cover of Nijisanji national anthem, Virtual to LIVE L
(From left to right) Hana Macchia, Zea Cornelia,

That was the article about Vtuber, a virtual content creator that is very popular today, especially among anime fans and Japanese sub-cultures. To enjoy the most updated articles about Vtuber both in Indonesia and abroad, Mobidachi can also keep an eye on the Vtuber Corner at otaku.mobileague.id. Are any of the Mobidachi interested in becoming a VTuber?

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