Voyagers: Emotion Space Exploration

If you’ve ever watched a movie Lord of the Flies, Passengers or TV series The 100, possible Voyagers will not feel strange. Sci-fi thriller This 1 hour and 50 minute duration offers a “what if…” scenario set in a spaceship, intergalactic travel and a group of young adults faced with challenges they’ve never experienced before.

Bred Crew’s Lab

Extreme climate change occurs on earth, causing long droughts to various deadly diseases. Scientists have finally found a new planet that can guarantee the survival of mankind. In the year 2063, Richard (Colin Farrell) departed with 30 small children who were born in the laboratory and trained to become the crew of the spacecraft.

The 86-year journey from Earth to the new planet means that today’s children will not all live to see their new home. In the first 10 years of his journey, Richard has managed to lead and educate these children successfully. Until one day, two of the children who are now teenagers, Christopher (Tye Sheridan) and Zac (Fionn Whitehead) stopped drinking the blue liquid that had been controlling their emotions and hormones.

Unleash The Hormones

What would happen if 30 young teenagers whose emotions and hormones were controlled were now free to feel all the explosive feelings? Chaos. Yes, although at first the chaos is not as dangerous as excessive curiosity about the opposite sex, competitive spirit and desire to be more free, in the end these things develop into something more serious.

Feelings of jealousy, envy, hatred and the desire to dominate slowly began to surface. This was exacerbated by the incident that resulted in the death of Richard, the only adult in charge of the plane. The struggle for power and the exploration of sexual desire are endless themes. Will this journey succeed in reaching its destination in deteriorating conditions?

Too Safe To Be Fun?

Storyline designed by Director and scriptwriter Neil Burger (Divergent) is not something new. Even the conflicts that occur throughout the film feel less exciting, thus making the audience feel, “This should be more… more”.

But it is undeniable, the actors and actresses involved in executing the story in this film very well and are cinematographers Enrique Chediak successfully depicts the atmosphere in a sophisticated and futuristic spaceship perfectly.

Voyager film is also very pleasing to the eye for long thanks to the cold hands of the production designer Scott Chambliss and background music arrangement Trevor Gureckis.

With a rating of 13+, there’s not much Burger can hit to increase the suspense in terms of both brutality and appearance skinship in this movie. But the audience can still enjoy some scenes action quite exciting fun in the scope of the plane that is claustrophobic the.

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