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JSMedia – Recently, there is something else on Tiktok, there is a trend that often appears when creating content, namely Wallpapers Rabbit Ears. Wallpapers it is a wallpapers as in general, but the shape is a pair of ears, namely the ears of a rabbit.

Well, for you Tiktokers, of course you are curious about wallpapers not this one? If you want to know how to get and make it, then the following will discuss how to make wallpapers the.

What is a Rabbit Ear Wallpaper?

What is a Rabbit Ear Wallpaper?

Before we discuss further how to make it, you first need to know what it means wallpapers rabbit ears this. So wallpapers this is a wallpapers image of rabbit ears obtained through a special application.

Wallpapers the one that is going viral on Tiktok is wallpapers the same as wallpapers referred to above. However wallpapers This can later be included in the photo on the ear. Why did it go viral? Due to its shape excited and cute too, not to mention added unique content from the creators.

For maker apps wallpapers from this rabbit ear is usually installed in the device smartphone You. If you create content with wallpapers this, then installed in WL You will certainly be adorable.

Rabbit Ears Wallpaper Details

App Name Cute Notch – Simple Notch Wallpaper
Version Latest
File Size 62 MB
Operating system Android 5.0 and Up, iOS 11.0+
Developer VectorNet Inc.

How to Get Viral Rabbit Ears Wallpaper on Tiktok

How to Get Viral Ears Wallpaper on Tiktok

As already explained, that to get wallpapers rabbit ears this need additional application on smartphone. But that compatible with the app is smartphone android type only.

The following is a tutorial that can be followed to make wallpapers the viral ear.

1. Install Cute Notch Add-on Application (Simple Notch wallpaper)

You must have the “Cute Notch” application first, just look for the application in the Play Store.

How to Install Cute Notch on PlayStore

  • Open Playstore on Smartphone
  • Type in the Search Column “Cute Notch
  • Select the topmost, which has a picture like Panda
  • Then Click Install
  • Wait a while until download process okay
  • Finished

How to Install Cute Notch on the AppStore

If the type smartphone which is used is IOS, the name of the different application is “Simple Notch”.

  • Open AppStore on your iPhone
  • Navigate in the search field and type “Simple Notch
  • Click on the top”Simple Notch – Wallpaper Maker“panda picture”
  • Then click “Install
  • Wait until the download process is complete
  • Congratulations, the application has been installed

2. Select Ear Image On Initial Screen

If the application is already installed on smartphones:

  • Open the app
  • Pay attention to the initial appearance, later there will be several choices of cute and adorable bunny ears that you can choose from.

3. Select Menu Select

  • If you have selected the type of rabbit image, then click “Select” which is in the lower left corner.
  • Select photo which is already saved in your gallery.
  • However, if you want to use wallpapers other or other pictures can also, stay choose and use just.

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4. Edit the photo

  • After selecting a photo or other image, you stay NSedithis in accordance with the wishes.
  • If you have finished doing theeditstay download just the result.

The result of the cut off rabbit ear wallpaper image download

Solution for Downloading Cropped Image

If it turns out later editIf the image is cropped, then you can use additional applications such as “Picsart”.

Because sometimes there are some smartphone which when inedit the results are good, but when download even if the result is truncated.

  • If you use “Picsart“You also have to download it first
  • Then just click the purple menu at the bottom, the symbol (+)
  • To choose wallpapers who wants toedit choose menus’Fix.
  • Next choose 3:4 . ratio, don’t forget to change it to black or you can also match the color to the color of the rabbit’s ears.
  • Edit to produce results as expected, if you have click the “Save” button. Only then try to open it again, whether it is intact or still cut.

If you have finished creating and editingedityou can open the app Tiktok and share, don’t forget to add a funny sound too. Or by adding other funny or adorable content.

The final word

Easy not to make wallpapers rabbit ears this. Don’t forget to participate in making it and share it on your Tiktok account. Previously what went viral on tiktok Mahaplung Com which is very poetic so it is interesting to read and see. The millennial generation should not miss the trend, so that they can become modern people too.


What is Rabbit Ears Wallpaper?

wallpapers this is a wallpapers image of rabbit ears obtained through a special application. Going viral on the latest Tiktok

What is the additional Application Name for Rabbit Ears Wallpaper?

For Android: Cute Notch – Simple Notch Wallpaper, For iOS: Simple Notch – Wallpaper Maker

Why Rabbit Ears Wallpaper can go viral?

because of its shape excited and cute too. Not to mention added with unique content from the creator.

What’s the solution for the clipped rabbit ear wallpaper download?

Then you can use additional applications such as “Picsart

Is it safe to use the Rabbit Ears Wallpaper application?

So far, the app rating has been quite satisfactory. Regarding security, it is guaranteed because it is already available on the official Playstore and Appstore sites.

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