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Village Financial Management Module

With the enactment of Law Number 6 of 2022 concerning Villages, villages are given great opportunities to manage their own governance and implementation of development to develop the prosperity and quality of life of the villagers. The great work the village has received, must be followed by a great responsibility as well. Therefore, the village government must be able to apply the principle of accountability in its governance, where all final village governance activities must be accountable to the villagers in accordance with the provisions.

The role and function of the government’s internal supervisory agency (APIP), especially BPKP in order to help the village government, include carrying out safeguards in the protection of tutorials and related consultations. village financial management. To be able to carry out the tutorial, it is necessary to increase the insight and expertise of auditors regarding village financial management.

To achieve the above objectives, BPKP has published Instructions for Implementation of Village Financial Management Guidance and Consultation in May 2022. Furthermore, in line with the changes in existing regulations and also to undertake learning materials in Education and Training, Village Financial Management then arrange Village Financial Management Module #3: Implementation, Reporting and Accountability of Village Finance as one of the 4 (four) modules, namely:

  1. Module #1: BPKP Escort Policies and Village Finance Regulations;
  2. Module #2: Overview, Village Financial Planning and Budgeting;
  3. Module #3: Village Finance Implementation, Reporting and Accountability; and
  4. Module #4: Village Financial System Application (SISKEUDES).

Modules Village Financial Management This is expected to be able to be used also in providing tutorials and consultations with village governments in improving the quality of village financial accountability as well as for regional governments that have seminars and management oversight of the implementation of village government activities and functions. ***

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