Very Tight! PSG.LGD Dota 2 Team Banned from Playing Cellphones to Focus on Training

GridGamesID – China is known for its very high discipline and work ethic.

Of course, this disciplinary culture also carries over to many aspects, including in the world of esports.

There is an interesting story about this disciplined culture from one of the popular Chinese teams, namely PSG.LGD.

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The new regulation was implemented by their management team, which prohibits the use of cellphones in every training activity.

This team is currently conducting special training to welcome The International 2022 which will be held in their own country.

This latest regulation requires players to keep their distance from each other’s cellphones.

In fact they are not completely banned. They are given the opportunity to open their respective cellphones for only 30 minutes a day.

Not only cellphones, management has also deleted all social media applications on their computers so that players can focus on practicing.

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Their own practice time is from Monday to Saturday, and Sunday is off.



For those who violate these rules will be subject to a fine of $ 435 or around Rp. 6 million.

Not only that, players who arrive late also have to pay a fine of around Rp. 2 million.

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This team is indeed very focused on TI 2022 because they set a fairly high target, which is to become a champion.

Dota teams from China are known to have a very high dedication to their field.

Luckily, the local government also provides full support in every esports activity in their country.

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