Very Spicy! This is the RRQ Tuturu version of the Sick Granger

Tuturu's version of Granger hurts


Tuturu’s version of Granger hurts

GridGames.ID – The nickname of King Marksman in the Indonesian eSports world, especially the Mobile Legends game as we know it, was named Tuturu.

Well, Tuturu is one of the roster of a well-known Indonesian eSports team, namely Rex Regum Qeon alias RRQ.

Since debuting in the world of eSports, which began with a national-scale Mobile Legends tournament, Tuturu has been known as a Marksman role specialist.

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Even though Meta Marksman had sunk until he was victorious again, Tuturu is still known as a specialist Marksman hero role during Mobile Legends tournaments.

Like in the seventh week of the MPL ID Season 4 event yesterday, Tuturu was nominated as MVP with his flagship Marksman hero, Granger.

Hero Granger himself is known as one of the Marksman who entered the Meta in Mobile Legends at this time.

Granger Mobile Legends

YouTube MLBB

Granger Mobile Legends

Well, for those of you who want to use the Granger hero and have really spicy damage like the Granger used by Tuturu, you can try implementing the build item, here, guys!

Let’s go straight, here’s the RRQ Tuturu version of the sick Granger build item.


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