Very annoying! Here’s How to Beat Diggie Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – After revamping his skills, the Support Mobile Legends hero who has the form of a small owl, now has a strong ability for Team Fight.

Digger or commonly known as Diggie, not only becomes the king of Crowd Control, but is practically Immune to the opponent’s Crowd Control.

Before revamping, the low hit rate of his 1st skill, Owl Alarm, makes Diggie difficult to use. Eits, now the Diggie skill will be automatic.

This new bomb can not only chase opponents, but can also be stored for future use.

Digger Mobile Legends


Digger Mobile Legends

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Well, that’s why the explanation above is enough to complete the reason why Diggie is one of the heroes who is often banned in the current meta.

1. Watch Diggie Track and Owl Alarm

The first thing you have to do is pay attention to the lane, because Diggie will throw Owl Alarm (Skill 1) in the direction he chooses. Diggie could have put the Owl Alarm in some bushes you didn’t see.

This Owl Alarm is really troublesome, because it will follow you wherever you go and deal fairly large Magic Damage.


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