Veronica Seven Deadly Sins Auto Buff Guide Rich 20% Bonus

Veronica Seven Deadly Sins Buff Guide

Just like in the anime, Meliodas has a bar called the Boar Hat Bar. The bar is a place to do various activities such as talking to various characters, making and eating dishes or viewing quests, and also providing food for guests. How about you spend some time talking to the various characters in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross? Some guests will give you buffs and can make you Auto rich. What is certain is that you should be able to get a buff from Veronica, because her buff will give you an additional 20% selling value in the shop. So here is Veronica’s Seven Deadly Sins Buff Guide.

Special Bar Guest

Touch button [Reservasi Tamu] in the “Boar Hat” Bar to view the guest list. There are 4 guests who will visit in one day, namely at

  • 08:00~12:00,
  • 12:00~16:00,
  • 16:00~20:00,
  • and 20:00~00:00.

Visiting guests are determined randomly and can visit repeatedly. Guests will be in the bar until the next guest arrives. Heroes that appear in the bar will increase as the story progresses that you complete.

Veronica Seven Deadly Sins Buff Guide
Veronica Seven Deadly Sins Buff Guide Panduan

Special Guest Veronica Buff

If you don’t see Veronica on the guest list, you can change the guest reservation by using 1 Diamonds. Touch button [Ubah Reservasi Tamu] to change the bar guest list randomly by using 1 Diamond. Knob [Ubah Reservasi Tamu] becomes inactive and you cannot change guests if the reservation time has elapsed. You can also directly invite Veronica, if there is a button.

Veronica Seven Deadly Sins Buff Guide

Get buffs and gifts from SPECIAL GUEST, Veronica. Gift Veronica with a touch [Hadiah] when he visits the “Boar Hat” Bar to receive a gift along with a Buff that increases the selling price of items by 20% at all ingredient shops for a limited time

Veronica Seven Deadly Sins Buff Guide Panduan

Important: Make sure you have completed chapter 5 and defeated Hendriksen. Because you need access to make some random food appear when asked by Veronica

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