Various LoL Wild Rift problems that Indonesian gamers have experienced so far!

These are the various LoL Wild Rift issues that Indonesian gamers have experienced so far!

LoL Wild Rift is currently in beta testing the game to see what issues in-game issues are causing players.

However, this beta test applies only to Android users who have pre-registered with Playstore.

IOS users, on the other hand, have not been granted access by Riot Games and have to wait until they actually play this moba game.

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Lol Wild Lift Indonesia
Photo via LoL Wildlift

Apart from that, all these beta tests seem to be dissatisfied by many Indonesian gamers who shared their SPIN Esports experience via Instagram’s DM.

In this LoL Wild Riff beta test, we’ll show you a variety of issues that players have complained about.

Rug and broken

The first issue is the lag and crash when playing this LoL Wild Rift game. We can conclude that HP for playing this game is not supported.

However, even if HP meets or exceeds the specifications, playing Wild Rift for some reason may cause a delay.

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Lol Wild Lift Indonesia
Photo via LoL Wildlift

forced termination

The second issue is the force close that players trying to play this wild lift beta test often get.

This is usually due to the player’s HP memory being full, too hot, or a new bug being found.

These are the various issues that Indonesian gamers have experienced so far that have hit players who have tried the LoL Wild Rift beta test.

If you run into new issues, please send a DM on Instagram or comment here.

Remember one. Once the beta test is complete, it’s a good idea to fill out a survey provided by Riot Games so you can find out what went wrong with this wild lift beta test.

For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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