VALORANT Tips: 5 quick ways to rank up in Valorant!

5 quick ways to rank up with Valorant!

When Riot Games released Valorant, it was designed to be a competitive game.

Released last July, Competitive Mode tests your skills against the best Valorant players in the region.

This game is also relatively new, so it’s not too difficult to raise Valorant’s rank at this time.

Valorant’s ranking system has eight levels. Iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, immortal, and light.

In this article, SPIN Esports describes five easy ways to rank in Valorant!

1. Do not play solo cues (alone)

If you want to rank up quickly, you should avoid playing only in battle mode.

Valorant is a game that relies heavily on strategy and teamwork, so playing with someone who already knows each other’s playing styles will improve team performance.

Playing alone in competitive mode doesn’t tell you who your teammates are, who their favorite agents are, and whether they want to play seriously.

In some cases, you may meet a good team that is supportive, but from the experience of many players, playing Solo Cue makes it difficult to rank up.

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2. Master multiple agents

Valorant has 11 agents available in each match. Each agent has unique skills that help the team win the game.

Players may find an agent that best suits their playing style and will always use that agent.

This is a bad habit and it is advisable to master multiple agents.

This is because different maps may have different agent skills when playing against each other.

You may also be able to choose the same agent as the other players, so if you can’t get the main agent, you’ll need to offer other options.

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3. Remember the location of the map

Push Rank Valorant

So far, Valorant already has four maps that you can play in competitive mode, and each map has its own uniqueness.

The bind has a teleporter and the split is very narrow and full of invisible corners. Haven has three bomb sites and the Ascent is very large.

A deeper understanding of each map is very important if you want consistently good results in all competitive matches.

You need to know where your opponents are usually waiting, what the map location names are usually called, and what skills you need to use in each of these locations.

Youtube has many tutorial videos to learn more about each map.

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4. Heating

For a competitive game like Valorant, preparation is very important if you want to play well.

Only a few milliseconds can determine whether you will live or die in this game.

Therefore, like exercise, warming up is very important for staying sharp and focused in the game.

5. Don’t be toxic

Having a harmful attitude is an action that should be avoided in any game, especially in Valorant.

When you play match mode, you promise to play seriously for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Poisoning throughout the match not only ruins the mood of your teammates, but also ruins your chances of winning the match and raising your rank.

We grow up to be polite and polite at all times. If you can build good relationships with your teammates, they are more likely to want to re-rank with you.

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