VALORANT Developer: Two new maps coming soon!

Developer VALORANT: Two new maps coming soon!

As a multiplayer FPS game, it can be said that Valorant does not have many map options that players can play.

When it was first released in June last year, VALORANT had only four maps. Haven, bind, split, ascent. And only in October of this year, the Act 3 update added a new map, Icebox.

Riot Games has received a lot of harsh criticism from players for not creating enough maps for Valorant.

That’s why Riot decided to focus on developing the latest maps, rather than creating new agents, weapon skins, and other trinkets.

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Currently, Valorant already has five maps, but Riot says it is accelerating the process of creating two new maps so players can choose from more variations.

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In an interview with Valorant pro player G2 Mixwell and Valorant game director Joe Ziegler, Joe acknowledged that Valorant needs to increase the number of map pools immediately.

“We don’t have enough maps at this time. We’ll admit it first, but we’ll speed it up in the next few maps,” Ziegler said.

“We feel that the seven maps are a good starting point. Reaching this number forms a solid foundation for later consideration of the map pick / tire system.”

–Joe Ziegler, Game Director Valorant

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Ziegler also said that if Valorant already has a wealth of map choices, it would consider leaving some maps from its competitors’ pool maps.

Riot Games hasn’t stated when these two maps will be released, but if the build process is speeding up, new maps may be released before Act 4 is released. It will be very expensive.

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