Valiant Force Update Guild Dungeon Raid Beta 2.0

With the release of Raid Dungeons earlier this May, all of the Guilds in Arathos have started to raid these Raid Dungeons, armed with the best Heroes and their strongest weapons. As players raid Dungeon Raid, comes new feedback from players on how the developer can improve this Raid, so now the developer is proud to announce Guild Raid Dungeons Beta 2.0!

Why is it called Raid 2.0? Ok, The developer previously said that Raid Dungeons is in Beta, so it will be like a new version in the first Beta stage. Let’s see if Raid 2.0 has everything the players want!

Developer Blog Reveals Valiant Force update Guild Raid Dungeons Beta 2.0!

Contribution Reward
Raid 2.0 will feature new contribution rewards for players that help bring Bosses to Phase 2 and will make the process of collecting Raid rewards easier.

  • The indicator of the Boss Raid Phase will be displayed in battle (Phase 1 = HP > 50 %, Phase 2 = HP < 50 %)
  • Contribution rewards will be sent to all members who contributed to fighting the Boss when a Guild defeats the Boss in the first Phase.
  • All contribution rewards will be sent to members who contributed to the Boss battle when their Guild defeated the Boss Raid in the first phase.
  • All rewards from Raid Dungeons will be sent directly to the player’s Inbox and do not have to be claimed manually in the Rewards Tab of the Raid section.
  • A new Quest will be added which will reward if players use their Raid Keys to participate in battles in Raid Dungeons.

Guild Related Upgrades
In order to improve cooperation among Guild members and simplify the Guild management process, Raid 2.0 will add a new feature that focuses on internal interactions within the Guild.

  • The amount of damage in Raid will be reduced from 4 Tiers to 3 Tiers only.
  • “Amount of Raids” will be displayed along with the amount of damage the player has dealt in the Reports section, this will give an indication of the performance of each Guild member.
  • There will be a Leader Board that displays the Guild with the best performance and the Best Player will be displayed for each Raid Boss

New Beginner Dungeon and Boss Change
In order to help new Guilds with new players adjust their strategy to take on Dungeon Raids, Raid 2.0 will introduce an entry level for Dungeon Raid. Also to increase the morale of some heroes and strategies, some Boss mechanics will also be adjusted.

  • Beginner level in Dungeon Raid will be added (Release Date will be announced at a later date)
  • New Tutorial About Dungeon Raid will be added
  • Raid Bosses will not be Immune to certain Skill Effects such as ‘Taunt’

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