Vainglory Launches Milestone 2.0 Update

Super Evil Megacorp released update 2.0 for Vainglory, a MOBA built for the touch screen generation. Update 2.0 is the biggest update to date and introduces a much awaited feature that can make veteran players of this game come back to play and new players are comfortable playing this game.

New Hero: Idris – Idris is a new Assassin class hero who adapts his fighting abilities to any situation. Players can train Idris for melee or ranged combat using his spells and discs.

Vainglory Launches Milestone 2.0 Update

Mystery Box – An epic reward awaits by introducing the new feature of the Mystery Box. Players can get one of three chances to get any hero or hero costume currently available on the market. There is also a rare opportunity where players can win a jackpot of 1 million Opals!

Vainglory Launches Milestone 2.0 Update

Costume – This update introduces winter-themed costumes including Fortress in festival gift wrap, Catherine and Kestrel in winter war costumes. Gladiator Ardan also made his debut in a death mask costume and wolf head cloak.

Guild System Improvements – The new guild finder feature makes things easier. Other features have also been added such as guild administration features and guild rewards which can allow players to gain guild fame.

New Hero Titles – 3 main roles have been introduced in the previous update, captain, carry, and jungler. Easily recognizable roles make new players quickly understand their heroes and also make experienced players know the team’s shortcomings before the game.

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