Vainglory Abandoned, Developer Makes New Game for IDR 147 Billion

Hello Gamers! Do you still remember Vainglory? Yep Vainglory is a moba game that existed before Mobile Legend attacked. This game used to be 3v3 but now it can be 5v5, but did you know that Vainglory was left behind?

Vainglory left and moved to Rouge Games

Vainglory Abandoned, Developer Makes New Game for IDR 147 Billion
Vainglory’s move was announced on his website

Vainglory has been active for more than 5 years in the gaming world. Vainglory also has 45 million players spread all over the world on smartphone, tablet and PC platforms. This game has the best graphics of its era. However, in terms of profit, it seems that Super Evil Megacorps does not satisfy.

Super Evil Megacorps as the publisher and developer of Vainglory said that vainglory will change hands. Kristian Segerstrale who is the CEO of Super Evil Megacorps stated that Rouge Games will continue Vainglory as a publisher.

The Reason Vainglory Was Abandoned

Vainglory Abandoned, Developer Makes New Game for IDR 147 Billion
Kristian Segerstrale
Source: Wikimedia

According to Segerstrale, the reason for moving Vainglory is because Super Evil Megacorps wants to focus on its newest game. To move on to the new game, they raised $10.5 million or around IDR 147 billion. Wow, what kind of game is it that makes this developer tempted and dares to leave the old game.

Super Evil Megacorp Newest Game

SEMC’s Newest Game: Project Spellfire

Kristian Segerstrale in an interview with Gamebeat said that his newest game will be released in 2022. The game uses a code name Project Spellfire. This game will be designed not only for mobile, but for PC and consoles as well. Spellfire will use a cloud system or we can play it streaming.

Segerstrale said that in 10 years more games will be sold on various platforms. Therefore, many gamers will play cross-platform games (playing the same game but on different devices). To pursue this, he and his company studied cloud technology in order to create games that can be played on all devices.

Vainglory’s New Nanny

Vainglory Abandoned, Developer Makes New Game for IDR 147 Billion
Rogue Games emblem

Rouge Games in collaboration with Indian company ncore will take care of Vainglory. Each company has 15 employees. They will create events, new characters and new costumes.

In its 18th month, Rouge Games is growing rapidly. They have 70 games. The most memorable and famous games are Wild Life: Puzzle Story, Chaos Battle League, Super Impossible Road, and Hexaflip. Vainglory is the first Rouge Games game on PC.

For those of you who are curious about Project Spellfire, you can register to be the beta tester Here. Do you think leaving Vainglory was the right move or reckless for Super Evil Megacorps?

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