Use Real World Map, Bandai Namco To Launch ‘Pac-Man Geo’

GridGames.ID – Asik! It looks like Bandai Namco is making a creative breakthrough from innovations that can still be done by the old game, Pac-Man.

They have announced the latest game Pac-Man which will be launched for the mobile platform.

Uniquely, this Pac-Man game will change the real world map into a map or level in the game.

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Pac-Man Geo gameplay

Pac-Man Geo gameplay

Pac-Man Geo will use the Google Maps platform to allow players to create their own levels.

Once the location is determined, this round figure who only has eyes and a mouth will take to the streets and devour pellets to avoid ghosts pacing chasing.

This means that gamers who try Pac-Man with this new system can surround the HI Roundabout and avoid the ghosts that are in Monas.

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The cool thing is, throughout the game, you can collect various landmarks that show how many worlds you have visited in the game.

Pac-Man Geo gameplay

Pac-Man Geo gameplay

Game development has started since 2022, and Bandai hopes Pac-Man Geo’s longevity will keep its fans happy again.

They also provide the option to share levels, so other players can test their skills as well and compete for the highest score.

Pac-Man Geo will reportedly be released on November 30, 2022.

This concept looks so simple, but is new enough to be given to gamers around the world.

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Pac-Man Geo is available for pre-order now via the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.


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