Update Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) Complete Leak, December 2022, Ada Aldous!

Mobile Legends (ML) Fragment Shop Update Complete Leak, Aldus, Argus and more coming in December 2022!

There are many legitimate (safe) ways you can use to get free skins or heroes on Mobile Legends.

One of the most common ways is to collect fragments and exchange them for the free heroes and skins you need.

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In this regard, SPIN Esports provides a leak of the latest fragment shop updates that existed on the original Mobile Legends server in December 2022.

Premium fragment update

Fragment Shop Mobile Legends Updated December 2022

For the first leak of a premium skin fragment that hasn’t changed at all, Moonton is still hesitant to show the new skin with a blue fragment.

Updated Fragment Rare

The second leak of rare skin fragments containing many changes including Valil, Alucard, Cyclopes, Kimmy, Glock, and Kaja skins has been removed.

Fragment Shop Mobile Legends Updated December 2022

Then the replacement Leila, Freia, Carina, Clint, Argus, Aldus..

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Hero fragment update

The third leak of the Hero Shop Fragment where Lee Sun Shinomi, Claude, Franco, Exborg, and Rafaela are removed.

Fragment Shop Mobile Legends Updated December 2022

Then it will be replaced by Butterflies, Fanny, Valil, Guinevere, Benedetta, Veil..

This is an update fragment leaked in December 2022, summarizing everything from the Mobile Legends Advanced Server.

If you want to update the Fragment Shop here (advanced server) after resetting Mobile Legends: Bang Bang may be The same is true for the original server.

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