Update Dragon Blaze chapter Season 4: Song of The Star

Gamevil presents the Dragon Blaze Season 4 update, Song of The Star, this is proof that Gamevil continues to make updates to satisfy the fun of playing RPG fans. The update will be carried out on December 6, 2022 and now Gamevil is again opening the pre-registration period for Dragon Blaze players to get prizes which of course to strengthen the character of your Hero and your allies.

Here is the update for Dragon Blazer Chapter IV: Song of the Star:

The addition of a new map, namely :

Yggdrasil’s Soul, of course, with the opening of a new map means there are new quests, new monsters and a storyline that is connected between chapters 1 to 4.

Maximum increase of levelI :

Now you can reach level 102, after previously the maximum level limit was 100. Apart from that there are some skill adjustments and of course there are new skills that can be learned.

Awakening your allies :

You can strengthen your allies with the awakening mode which will open several new skill sets and of course can unlock the ultimate skill so that it helps you defeat the enemies that come your way.

New Raid Boss :

There is a new boss raid, where you can together create a party (maximum 25 heroes) to defeat new bosses and get rare items that can strengthen your heroes and allies. A new boss will be unlocked, if you have completed all the quests given in Myth mode.

Some improvements such as skill adjustment, limit break dragon buster and dark soul allies.

You can pre-register now at: http://events.gamevil.com/dragon_blaze/season4/index.html?ch=11

For those of you who just want to start an adventure in the world of Dragon Blaze, of course there are many prizes and special events that you can participate in so that you can become part of the winner.
You can mendownload for free at:

Dragon Blaze on App Store: bit.ly/DragonBlazeiOS
Dragon Blaze on Google Play: bit.ly/DragonBlazeAndroid

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