Understanding and Types of Laminating Machines and How to Operate

Understanding and Types of Laminating Machines and How to Operate ItThe laminating machine is one of the tools used to tidy up documents so that they look neater and safer from water drops or other stains. This machine has been widely used in offices and photocopying businesses. In the following, we will discuss the meaning of a laminating machine, how to operate it, and its types. Well, for those of you who are looking for this news, please take a look.

Understanding and Types of Laminating Machines and How to Operate Them Understanding and Types of Laminating Machines and How to Operate

A. Definition of laminating machine
A laminating machine is a machine that is used for lamination or has a function to coat paper using plastic or film so that documents become more durable, free from dirt, dust, stains and splashes of water.

The benefit of this laminating machine is that it can protect documents so that they will not be easily damaged, but there is also a disadvantage, namely that if the laminating plastic is torn, the document will also be torn. Therefore, it requires expertise and high accuracy to laminate a document.

B. How to use laminating machine
When operating a hot laminating machine, care must be taken so that the plastic or film used does not tear easily. Here’s how to use a good and correct laminating machine according to its operating mechanism:

  1. Turn on the machine by pressing the on/off button. If the machine does not turn on then do a check on the standby button which functions to make the machine standby or hibernate.
  2. If you want to start using it then wait until the engine is hot. You can see this in the indicator light on the machine which shows an indication that the machine is ready for use.
  3. Choose the laminating speed by adjusting the paper size. If you want to laminate thick paper like cardboard then choose a slow speed but if the paper is thin like HVS you can choose a high speed.
  4. Cover the document to be laminated with a special laminating plastic. To prevent the laminating plastic from sticking to the machine, then coat the surface of the laminated plastic with HVS paper.
  5. Place the document to be laminated then press the ‘run’ button.

C. Type of laminating machine
There are two types of laminating machines, namely hot laminating machines and cold laminating machines. Both types of laminating machines have the same function, the following is an explanation.

1. Hot laminating machine
Hot laminating machine is a laminating machine that uses the thermal lamination method in the process. In this process there are two kinds of methods that can be used, namely using laminated plastic that already has an adhesive or with laminating plastic that has no adhesive.

The use of laminated plastic must be adjusted to the media to be laminated. In general, many printers use laminated plastic with doft and glossy adhesives which have polypropylene material. This is because this type of plastic is cheaper and easily available in the market.

If using a type of laminated plastic with adhesive, the machine must have a temperature between 90 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. This aims to melt the dry part of the plastic glue so that it sticks to the media.

The temperature setting of the laminating machine is recommended not to exceed 120 degrees Celsius so that the use of silicone rubber rollers can last longer and last longer.

2. Cold laminating machine
Cold laminating uses an adhesive material mixed with water or solvent. The adhesive is coated onto the plastic surface and then coated onto the media. This method is called the wet method which has advantages in terms of lower costs compared to the thermal method.

However, this method is not environmentally friendly because evaporation of the solvent material occurs during the adhesive drying process. The quality of cold lamination is worse than hot laminating. This is because the hot laminating machine will press the plastic with an effect so that the plastic can be attached to the media very tightly.

The advantage of a cold laminating machine is that the price of this machine is more affordable. If you want to use it in the office then this type of machine is sufficient, but if you have printing problems then buying a hot laminating machine would be more recommended.

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