UNBK Practice Application for SMP/MTs, SMA/MA, and SMK

UNBK Practice Application

UNBK Practice Application – The Computer-Based National Examination or familiarly called UNBK is the result of positive engineering due to the rapid development of technology. When everything is digital and fast, then like it or not, formal educational institutions from junior high or high school must carry out a transformation which must prioritize technology as a means of learning and testing.

Moreover, the 2022 curriculum clearly and clearly requires a technology-based learning and examination system. The abolition of ICT or Information and Communication Technology subjects in the education unit reaffirms that teachers and students must abandon ancient ways or methods in developing teaching and learning activities. So the existence of the UNBK system as intended above must be accepted and carried out together

Maybe there are still many schools that are still not ready to run UNBK, the reason is very clear, namely the absence of supporting facilities as the main tool for UNBK. If it is calculated in the long term, the procurement of UNBK is cheaper and more efficient when compared to manual exams using paper. In advanced schools, not only UNBK, Mid-Semester Week (PTS) or Semester End Week (PAS) are now using computers or using applications which can be used on Android devices.

If every school is able to hold UNBK, PTS, and PAS using a computer or android, then this will also help improve the environment. This is because fewer trees will be cut down for the supply of paper-making raw materials. Well, if your school is ready to hold UNBK, then you students and teachers can take advantage of applications that have the ability as a training tool for UNBK. The following UNBK Practice Application which you must try.

Download the Offline UNBK Practice Application

The most interesting and beneficial thing from the application that we share is where you can use it offline or without an internet network. Not only that, the application also has categories for each level of education, be it SMP/MTs, SMA/MA, and SMK. Now, please refer to the following description and please download the application.

1. Offline UNBK Practice Application for SMP/MTs

For those of you who are in SMP/MTs, especially those in class IX, please use the application that we have prepared. For SMP/MTs, it is different from SMA/MA and SMK levels. Where junior high school students only face four main subjects, namely, Mathematics, English, Indonesian, and Natural Sciences. Now please download it for you to use as training material on the link here

2. UNBK Practice Application for SMA/MA

If you are in high school / MA, the subjects tested will be more and more complex. In addition, there are 3 majors, namely Language, Science, and Social Sciences. Each department has a special subject that is tested. While the three majors still receive compulsory subjects that are tested, namely English, Mathematics, and Indonesian. If you want to download the application, please click here

3. Application for UNBK Training for Vocational High Schools

Not much different from SMA/MA, SMK also actually has the same level. However, because SMK has many majors, it seems that there are many subjects. Each department has a specific subject that is tested. However, the three compulsory subjects, namely English, Mathematics, and Indonesian, still exist and are still being tested. To download the application, please click here

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The final word

Well, if that’s all we can discuss and share with you about UNBK Practice Application. Hopefully by downloading and reading this article you can do the exercises well and can answer questions well. That is all from us.

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