Udil ONIC eSports Reportedly Sick and Must Undergo Treatment

Sad news came from the professional eSports team ONIC, who just finished the first round of MPL Season 5 on May 9, 2022, temporarily in 4th place.

The ONIC team informs of a change in the formation of players

The ONIC team informed that there was a change in the formation of players due to one pro player ONIC eSports Udil Surbakti had to be absent due to an arthritis injury, so he couldn’t play in the first week of MPL Season 5. This of course caused a change in strategy against Aura and BTR teams, even so the ONIC team stayed on and managed to occupy the 4th position.

Udil Still Waiting for Doctor’s Confirmation

For now, Udil is currently recovering and is still waiting for confirmation from the team of doctors for his participation in the next round against EVOS on May 16, 2022.

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