Udil officially changes the ego with great cost forecasts!

The Udil formula changes the ego at a great cost! Finally, it’s officially announced what we’ve been waiting for. Udil Surbakti, one of Indonesia’s best mobile legend players, has been officially announced as part of the Alter Ego roster in the Mobile Legends category. This was announced a while back directly through Alter Ego’s official social media account.

Before officially becoming part of Alter Ego, the name Udil has recently become the hottest name for Indonesian mobile legend fans. why? Players who are so far the same or even the Onice Sports icon have been surprisingly reported by many stakeholders to join Alter Ego soon.

Of course, this surprised many parties, many of whom did not believe it, despite the strong evidence they had seen before. Many predict that this is just a prank, or this is just a rumor.

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Source: BolaSport.com

But when Onic’s official Instagram account posted a video containing Udil and announcing his departure from the Onic esports team, they were all silent. Immediately all Onic fans, especially Udil fans, were silent as if they didn’t believe the announcement.

How can Onic eSports release the most iconic players? The next day, it was Alter Ego’s official announcement of his arrival at Udir’s roster. This announcement also answers all rumors currently in circulation.

Meanwhile, no details were given about the transfer fee that Alter Ego had to pay to add Udil to the roster, but based on recent news, Udil Buyout To do that in Alter Ego, of course, with a lot of money Predictable It can reach hundreds of millions.

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The buyout itself is the price the team has to pay if they want to release the player from a contract that binds the player. Again, this cannot be prevented by the club that owns the player. That is, Alter Ego paid from Onic eSports for a Udil deal / acquisition, which Onic himself could not refuse.

An example of the busiest player buyout case was Neymar’s move from Barcelona to PSG, which amounted to € 200 million at the time.

Let’s go back to Alter Ego’s official Udil and be disappointed or somehow have to support Udil’s future career. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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