Two XM8 evil pumpkin-free fire weapons that make car boobs!

This is the XM8 Free Fire Weapon that can make booya!

Free fire It’s one of the most popular games because it has a lot of amazingly cool skins.

Every month or every few weeks, FF will definitely provide players with new or updated old skins.

There were many famous events and many FF fans were waiting to come back with cool skins.

What appeared this time incubator Latest weapons XM8 Who welcomed us in October of this year

Of course, this weapon skin will soon come in four different colors and specifications.

Let’s take a quick look at the weapons that are suitable for use with Booyah.

XM8 fiery pumpkin

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In the previous article that described the leaked releases of these four XM8 skins, you can already guess that this is your favorite weapon.

Of the other three weapon skins, this red Fiery Pumpkin weapon is the most suitable for us to use!

so Level of accuracy In total Rate of fire With the addition of 2, this weapon can be used in short and medium range combat.

If you really like rush and flanking maneuvers, you won’t lose with Fiery Pumpkin.

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Toxic pumpkin

This green weapon is especially recommended for snipers who like to fight from a distance.

This weapon is definitely useful. range It’s Plus 2 I own, so it’s even farther away.

Previously used in close quarters combat, the XM8 Free Fire is now available in long range combat.

Buy this XM8 Toxic Pumpkin Weapon and you won’t lose any money. Rate of fire Also added.

This is the XM8 Free Fire Evil Pumpkin weapon that makes Booyah easily available.

The Rendy Rangers also have weapons Fiery pumpkin Most coveted and most powerful by many.

You can see that Rendy also won the match using one of his XM8 weapons.

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