Two BTR Alpha Players Make Racist Jokes Against ONIC Players

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GridGames.ID – In the last few days, the world of social media has been filled with racist jokes made by Bigetron (BTR) Alpha players.

It started when BTR Branz was holding a live streaming of the Mobile Legends match on Nimo TV on Friday (28/8).

The match involved several other fellow Mobile Legends players, namely BTR DreamS, BTR Renbo, and ONIC Sanz.

While they were playing, BTR DreamS and BTR Renbo spontaneously made racist jokes to ONIC Sanz.

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The joke in question is calling ONIC Sanz as “monkey”.

This surprised netizens who watched the livestreaming session.

They immediately attacked and blasphemed the personal social media accounts of the two BTR players.

In fact, other players who were not involved, BTR Bravo were also attacked by netizens.

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