Twice delayed marriage, boy William admits frustration

LIMAPAGI – Moderator Boy William recently published his heart, you could say the public is seldom known. One of them, regarding Boy and Karen Vandela’s wedding.

Boy William postponed his wedding to Karen Vandela twice. When the 29-year-old presenter was hypnotized by Uya Kuya, he admitted he was frustrated.

He admitted that there were always barriers to getting married. This was revealed by Boy, based on Uya, who asked when Boy Williams’s plan was to marry.

Boy has also answered his plans for next year. Uya was also curious about how Boy felt, who had to return to postpone the happy event.

“You were really frustrated, weren’t you? What was it that frustrated you? ”Asked Uya Kuya.

Asleep, Boy William nodded when he agreed.

“There are only obstacles approaching the wedding day,” replied Boy William.

However, there is nothing Boy can do since a marriage involves two families between him and his lover’s family.

“But what do you want, Mas Uya? It has to do with family and friends who are there, it’s not beneficial, ”he continued.

Only there it turns out that Boy did not want to get married, even if he did not believe in marriage.

“Actually, I didn’t want to get married at first, I had feelings like Caucasians. From the beginning, I never believed in marriage,” said Boy.

But that changed when Boy met Karen Vandela, who melted Boy Williams’ eyes.

“Then I met this guy who first made me want to get married. He was very nice to me,” concluded Boy William.

As known, Boy William previously planned to get married in July 2022 but was postponed as Covid-19 hit Indonesia.

He then planned to get married again on July 17, 2022, but had to postpone his wedding again due to the implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

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