Tutorial to Create an Official LINE Messenger Account

LINE released the line @ application to make it easier for users to create official accounts online. Any line user can easily create an official account online and even create more than 1 for free. The benefits of setting up an official liner account can be used to promote our community, business, and more.

Creating an official account online is easy and free. That’s how it’s done:


1. Download line @ from the Google Play Store and App Store

2. Run the line @ application, tap the + sign to create an official account.

Tutorial on how to create an official LINE Messenger account

3. When you have finished, fill in all of your profile account information, then tap Register.

Tutorial to Create an Official LINE Messenger Account 1

Menu description:

Tutorial on how to create an official LINE Messenger2 account

– In the settings there is a profile menu, stickers, notifications, chat, friends, help & info.

– Manage administrators to manage members, delete accounts and purser.

– The account page contains a basic settings menu for filling in our account information such as address, phone number, web address and there is also a registration menu and editing content such as coupons, photo galleries, product lists for official business account information.

– Statistics to show information about the number of posts, likes, commnets, shares and friends.

– Reply mode to create automatic reply messages, welcome messages and keyword reply messages when members chat with our account.


– To view the official line ID and the barcode scanner in the settings – Profile.

– If you want to use the official custom ID line, we have to pay for it every year / month. The settings are in the Business Store menu> Premium ID & Monthly Plan for $ 12. To pay for it, you can use Line Pay, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Setting of admin line @ via the website: https://admin-official.line.me

Line administrator

Add an official Inwepo line account to get the latest information from your line

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