Tutorial on How to Download Instagram Photos on Android, iOS and PC

Instagram is an app share Today’s most popular photos. With its presence on iOS and later on Android, Facebook acquired this application at a fantastic price, its value reached 9.1 trillion rupees. But unfortunately this application cannot save photos on Instagram. How to Download Instagram Photos via Android, iOS or PC / Laptop.

The first way is via the Android, iOS browser or PC / laptop computer

1. Open the link http://web.stagram.com and enter Username or mark in the column Seek.

2. Then select the photo we want to download, long press the photo, then select save Imageto go through the computer, right-click save as.


The second option is to use the Flipboard app

1. Help with the Flipboard for Android or Flipboard for iOS app

2. Sign up Flipboard account and add Instagram account.

3. After adding the Instagram account, return to the main Flipboard view. Navigate to share Instagram.

4. Select the photo you want to download, then select the menu – Save image to device.

5. Photos are saved in your gallery.


The third option is to use the InstagramDownloader application on a PC / laptop computer

1. Download, extract and run the InstagramDownloader application

2. Enter the Instagram username we want to download the photo with.

3. All the results of the photo links are displayed, check the folder extract-an instagram downloader that you save in. all links are in .txt Copy shortcut to Browser and download.

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