Tutorial on Creating Modern Videos Using the Musical.ly Application

What is Musical.ly?

Musical.ly is a short video recording application, the results of which can be shared feed You. Like Snapchat? The difference is that Musical.ly videos can be downloaded directly after they are recorded.to edit. You can also cut or merge specific parts of the video, as well as add music or sound effects to make the video even more fun or dramatic.

Basically, this application is supposed to be the result of a combination of Vine, Snapchat, and Dubsmash. The application enables its users – referred to as “Muser“- to be able to record and share 15-second music videos of your favorite songs.

What makes Musical.ly so popular are its features to edit full video. The author first describes the functions available in this application:

  • Time machines: Play videos directly turning back.
  • Time traps: Play videos over and over again, epic, slow motion, fast and expires.
  • Color filter: Show videos in a variety of colors and shades, including shades vintage and Black and white

How to make a modern video using the Musical.ly application

1. Download Musical.ly app first. (Download link available at the end of the article).

2. Then open the Musical.ly app and create your account. To create an account, you can log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or email account. (Here the author logs in via email, so you have to register for Sign up).

3. Then fill in your bio by entering a profile photo.

4. The first time you open this application’s dashboard, you can directly see the users who are currently using it live Make videos on Musical.ly. Almost similar to BIGO Live, right? Haha…

5. Well, now focus on personalizing your videos. You do this by pressing the plus button which is located below it and which is yellow.

6. Select the music you want as background that supports your performance in creating videos. Musical.ly has taken care of many library Music from different genres so you don’t have to search for them again. To select a song, press menu Select music.

7. After you’ve chosen the right music for background, now is the time to create the video you want. You can also use the functions epic, slow, normal, fast and sequence to adjust the speed of the video. If so, press symbol the pink video.

8. During processing editing, you can choose Color filter and TU trim to make a cool impression on the video.

9. Last but not least, What’s the point of making cool and contemporary videos if you don’t share them with your friends. share Your current videos to your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. to show your existence.

Musical.ly also likes to organize competitions accordingly trend who is busy. For example, hold a competition lip-sync viral song. If you want to participate, all you have to do is make a creative video lip-sync the song, then Upload! Later the winner will get prizes like Fan shop from Musical.ly or sponsors. Fun right? Congratulations on making a video now!

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