Tutorial Arena The War of Genesis

Hello Admiral how are you? Where have you been playing the game? Have you tried the PvP (Player versus Player) feature in The War of Genesis called Arena? It’s great, you have to try it. This feature allows you to fight between players and between guilds. Of course there is also a prize, want to know more details? Here it is more about the arena.

Solo Arena

Tutorial Arena The War of Genesis

In this solo arena, you can fight 1vs1 against enemies who are more or less the same rank as you. You have to choose 4 of your heroes to fight against 4 opposing heroes. Of course the fight is not real time huh. What you are fighting is a hero who is installed as the enemy’s defense team. You will be ranked and at the end of the week will be given a prize in the form of honor points according to rank.

Organize Your Defense Team!

Tutorial Arena The War of Genesis

The defending team is the team that will be used to fend off the opponent’s admiral attack. You can install up to 4 heroes, and these heroes will survive automatically. The defensive team will be used in the Solo Arena and Guild Arena. Changes to your arena defending team at the start of the match will not take effect until the next match.

Guild Arena

Tutorial Arena The War of Genesis

It’s a guild scale Arena. Your guild will be met with enemy guilds with almost the same skills. The guild will automatically join if there are at least 10 guild members who have a defense team in the Arena. Your guild will win if it gets more points during the time limit than the opposing guild.

Honor Shop

Tutorial Arena The War of Genesis

You can buy things by using Honor Points and Arena Points. Honor Points you can get by following the Arena. You will get points even if you lose. Arena Points you will get if you win in the Arena. These points will expire at 07:00 WIB every day.

How is it already clear about Arena The War of Genesis? If it’s not clear, try commenting below so Chunchun can answer. Oh yes, you can test your skills without entering the sparring section. You won’t lose anything if you spar with your opponent! Let’s go play The War of Genesis!

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