Turns out, this is how to play on overseas mobile legends servers without a VPN

Mobile Legends mayhem mode


Mobile Legends mayhem mode

GridGames.ID – Sometimes, as Mobile Legends players, we don’t always want to meet opponents who are in the country.

To hone your skills, of course you want to meet pro players from other Southeast Asian countries.

This is done to measure how far our abilities have been. Because when we fight against players from abroad, we are automatically blind to how they play.

But to be able to play with foreign players in ranked matches, we have to use a VPN. The problem is, VPNs are not always free, some have to pay.

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Even if it’s free, the connection will definitely lag. If it’s like that, the game will not be fun, most likely, we will lose.

Well, the former EVOS eSports player, Jonathan Liandi, aka Emperor, also told us how so that we can meet enemies from foreign servers without having to use a VPN.

In the video above, Emperor meets a pro player in the Philippines.

“Not using a VPN, this is a BREN (squad name) host (room),” said Emperor.


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