Tube TV can watch digital broadcasts, but there are

LIMAPAGI – TV shows watched by Indonesians are still analog. However, the government has started a digitization program through the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Kominfo director Geryantika Kurnia said the switch from analog to digital broadcasts had started in 2007. In fact, the government asked the national broadcaster TVRI to conduct trials on digital broadcasting.

With this study, it is hoped that people across Indonesia can enjoy better broadcast quality. In fact, he said, this digital broadcast could also be enjoyed by local residents who still depend on tube TVs for entertainment and sources of information.

“If people only have analog TV, all they have to do is buy a set-top box to switch to digital TV,” he said in the Support Indonesian Digital TV Migration webinar, quoted by, Saturday May 3rd 2022.

So far, he said, the infrastructure for digital TV technology has been completed in 21 provinces; of the 728 existing TV channels, only 12 provinces have started operations for the private sector. He aims to ensure that all preparations can be completed before the end of the year.

“The goal is in October 2022, hopefully the entire infrastructure in 34 provinces will be completed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kominfo Special Staff Rosita Niken Widiastuti explained that the process of migrating from analog to digital requires a lot of preparation. However, according to current law, the preparations would have to be completed within 20 months.

“We have about 20 months to continue preparations for the retirement of analog television broadcasts and a full transition to digital television across Indonesia,” he said.

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