Try it! There’s a Real Lin-Z The Sims 4 in the Alexa Virtual Assistant

Sims app to translate sim language

Sims app to translate sim language

GridGames.ID – Maxis has just released Lin-Z in the game The Sims which is a virtual assistant or smart speaker.

The purpose of Lin-Z is to allow sims to listen to jokes, music, and order pizza.

You can try Lin-Z on The Sims 4 electronic items, but you have to updates latest patches for free.

Well, Maxis also doesn’t want his sims characters to be able to feel Lin-Z, but the players can too.

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Reporting from SimGuruKate on Twitter, Maxis made a software specifically related to The Sims 4 on Alexa.

This is made so that Sims players can experience Lin-Z, the virtual assistant in this simulation game.

Users can later play trivia, listening to sims songs, and a little knowledge about the sims world.

It’s really easy to play, you know, just by calling Alexa like this “Alexa, play The Sims” and the application immediately exits later.


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