Try it! Here are Tips and Tricks to Win Matches in Apex Legends

GridGames.ID – Apex Legends is a game battle royale owned by Respawn and Electronic Arts popular ones.

This game has also reached 25 million players within a week after its release, it is certain that this game is in demand by many people.

Apex Legends can be said to be difficult and easy to play because you have to understand every skill and power of each hero.

Well, here are tips and tricks to be able to win every time match in Apex Legends and you should know this:

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1. Use “ping” to help the Squad

Ping on Apex Legends

Ping on Apex Legends

Ping in Apex Legends works for highlights items, weapons, water drop as well as locations where to help friends in the squad.

It is very important to share information with friends squad who need items you know.

If you use a hero Bloodhound it will be really good because you can see enemy tracks and can directly Ping.

2. Smash Doors Direct

Break the Doors in Apex Legends

Break the Doors in Apex Legends

Many players find it difficult to open the door and have to use gas traps. The easy way is to shoot at the bottom of the door or hit quickly until the door hinges off.

Well, if there’s more war, use the door as your shield so that the enemy is difficult to shoot at you and immediately run away.


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